Services & Programs

specific services offered


Shared Touch, Inc. provides services to individuals within their homes, and/or hospital settings for 2 to 24 hours. We staff facilities that require qualified staff from 4 to 24 hours. We have a working relationship with Skilled Home Health Agency, which is licensed as a home health agency offering services of Registered Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, and in-home therapists as required.

Our services will be tailored to meet your needs and you can determine the frequency and type of services needed. Costs of services are discussed prior to services being performed. They include:

In-home Companionship Care – Emotional Support
– Meal Planning
– Assistance with Eating Meals
– Meal and Snack Preparation
– Grocery Shopping
– Errands
– Assistance with Medical Appointments, Shopping, etc.
– Assistance with Bathing and Personal Care Needs
– Medication Reminders
– Light Housekeeping
– Laundry and Linen Service
– Home Organization
– 2 to 24 Hour Care
– Mail Organization
– Respite Care


The Host Home Provider is charged with providing a safe, loving environment for you. They are responsible for day-to-day care including providing meals, medication administration, arranging for medical care and treatment, and meeting other specific needs you might have.

We currently serve clients in the Denver-Metro area. We offer a variety of host home settings to our customers. Each of these settings is unique so that you can find a home that matches your lifestyle. Whether you wish to live with a single provider or with an entire family with children, we will find your ideal home.

In the traditional Host Home model, the client resides in the home of the provider. You will have your own bedroom but share the common areas of the home with other members of the household.

We ensure that all Host Home Providers and adequately trained and skilled in areas of general care, Medication Certification, First Aid and CPR, positive behavior supports, Consumer Rights, etc. Our Residential Coordinators monitor all of our host homes carefully to ensure your safety, that all your needs are met and that you are receiving the highest level of care.

Helping you achieve the highest quality of life is of the utmost importance to us. Thus, we work with your Host Home Provider, and other care providers to ensure that you are learning new skills which contribute to independence and personal growth. This could include safety and safety awareness skills, money management, cooking skills, hygiene skills, and/or other activities of daily living.


Supported Living Services (SLS) are designed to help an individual live in their own home and be included in typical community life. We strive to match our consumers carefully with the right direct care provider, taking into consideration the personalities of both the program participant and the caregiver so that the experience is positive for all involved. Our goal is to connect the individual with natural supports and general community supports, and increase their independence wherever possible.

Our SLS Services include:

– Personal Care
– Respite
– Homemaker & Enhanced Homemaker
– Mentorship


Shared Touch, Inc. Day Services provides therapeutic independent living skills programs for individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

People in our Day Services program have opportunities to participate in a variety of therapeutic activities throughout the day. There are also volunteer opportunities during the week. Our program allows for friendship and teamwork through the sharing of common experiences. By working with others in various activities for a few hours or more each week, our clients gain the skills necessary to be active members of their own communities.

By customizing our Day Services activities to each individual’s needs and goals, we are able to focus on unique therapeutic outcomes. We help each person develop an individualized plan for growth.

We also offer Supported Community Connections. Services can vary from one-on-one to a group setting.


With this service, you will have 24-hour support. We offer a competitive pay rate, mileage reimbursement, and benefits plan. You will have a team who will provide support to you and your family member.

Under the Residential Family Caregiver Model, a family or non-family member may be employed and paid by Shared Touch, Inc. to provide care to a loved one with a developmental or intellectual disability.

A Program Coordinator will help you with documentation, training, finding and coordinating outside services, answering questions, and more; one of our nurses will assist you with the coordination of medical appointments, interfacing with doctors/hospitals, reviewing medications, face-to-face visits, and more.

A qualified team member can assist with redetermination applications, as well as applying and maintaining benefits.

If you choose a non-family member to provide care to you or your loved one, we will recruit specific to your loved one’s needs and preferences, screen and train the provider, and involve you and/or your loved one in the hiring process.


Children’s Extensive Support Services (CES) are services and supports designed to help a child remain in their family home and avoid out of home placement. Shared Touch, Inc. does not replace typical parental responsibility, but enhances and supports the care provided by parents. The specific array of services and supports for each person will vary depending on the individual’s choices and needs.

Our CES services include:

– Respite
– Community Connector
– Homemaker & Enhanced Homemaker
– Mentorship

personalized care

We match our clients with the perfect in-home caregiver  from 2 hours per day to 24 hours a day, 7- days a week

Comprehensive Care Supervision

Shared Touch offers an advanced level of care regardless of which service you receive.

Comprehensive Personal Care

Customized programs to fit your wants and needs.

Quality of Life

Here at Shared Touch, our primary goal is assuring your privacy, protecting your independence, and preserving your dignity.

Personalized For You

We develop individualized programs to manage your daily needs. We match your needs to the best possible caregiver.