Does my Loved One Need Assisted Living?

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Does my Loved One Need Assisted Living?

Our loved ones deserve the best. We want to offer them a comfortable life as they get older. But there comes a time when the responsibility can be burdensome on the families. This leaves family members confused and questioning if mom or dad need the help of an assisted living facility. Assisted living is a wide-range of care opportunities that play a helpful role in our loved ones lives. Below you will find some helpful information regarding your loved one needing assisted living.

Assisting with Independence

It’s not always an easy decision to give over your care rights to someone who can fill in the gaps. But these individuals are educationally equipped and experienced to help your loved one in their later years. Not all assisted living situation are for seniors. Some come to need this type of care because of rehabilitation or worsening health issues. After age 50, an AARP study show that individuals have at least one medical condition. It’s important to communicate with your doctor or specialist about your concerns with assisted living. Local senior home health care Aurora specialists will keep mom or dad in good company.

Signs and Questions

You know your loved one and when you notice a pattern disrupt their daily lives, you may turn your concern to worry. These signs will help ease your mind and lead you in the right direction with questions to ask your doctor.

Worsening health – Your loved one shows signs of their health worsening. They are unable to walk in longer strides than a few months back or have fallen a few times and are unable to get up by themselves. Alzheimer’s is another health concern that requires immediate attention.

Isolating Habits – No one wants to see mom or dad constantly alone and have no motivation to participate in the hobbies they once enjoyed. According to the U.S. Census, 11 million seniors live alone and this can negatively affect their health. When you start to notice isolating habits with your loved one, assisted living can help them develop a new relationship and life-long friend.

Poor Hygiene – Your once clean mom or dad have started to show signs of uncleanliness and messy living arrangements. While this is a subtle sign, it’s an important sign to look out for. You know it’s difficult to be there or clean up as often as they need and a trusted representative at your local in home health care Aurora offers a great deal of support.

Does your loved one need elder care service in Aurora? The assisted living care team at Shared Touch will come to bat. We specialize in home-health services across Denver and are proud to help mom or dad find their comfort again. Call us today for more information!

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