At Shared Touch, Inc. we know it isn’t easy to make the decision to invite a caregiver into your home to provide homecare. That’s why our personalized screening system is designed to maximize your peace of mind. You’ll have the opportunity to interview any caregiver that we refer to you.


We let you choose the caregiver you trust.

You deserve to have a caregiver who is experienced in providing the services that are needed in your home. Prior to employment, all of our caregivers receive competency training and in-servicing. Many of our caregivers have worked with us for years. Our caregivers have a strong employment history in caring for seniors and clients with intellectual disabilities, and have references from reliable sources (previous clients, agencies, healthcare institutions, religious and volunteer organizations etc.). And Shared Touch, Inc. requires multiple interviews with each caregiver before they can be hired or referred to a client as companion.

You are in charge of everything. Because we are a non-medical agency and not a nursing agency, Shared Touch, Inc. will not dictate to you what your schedule is to be (i.e. what time to wake up, when to bathe, meal schedules etc.). You are the boss.

It is our job to adjust to your schedule and to keep you comfortable in your home.



No two people are the same.

Therefore their needs are going to be very different. Whether you need respite care, in home care, part time or full time care or care at an assisted living facility, Shared Touch, Inc. has an experienced caregiver that is right for you. We tailor your program of care based on your needs and we are flexible to change the program as different needs arise. We will also work along with any home health agency or nursing agency that may be assisting your loved ones after a recent hospital stay.

Our philosophy of homecare is to never compromise on providing high quality services to your family. Our system allows you to afford a top quality caregiver. At Shared Touch, Inc. we keep our overhead low to avoid passing high costs to you. In addition, we believe that our caregivers should be well paid and treated with respect. For this reason, we can attract and maintain the best quality caregivers available.
You won’t get “lost in the shuffle” with us. Some agencies simply react to calls from clients rather than anticipating your needs in advance. We begin by reviewing your needs through discussions with family members and when necessary, with healthcare providers. Our service coordinator carefully selects the caregiver with the necessary experience and personality that is best suited to the needs of each client. Next, we arrange for the caregiver to visit your home so that you can participate in the selection process. After services begin, we implement our system of ongoing personalized contacts with your family to insure that the care recipient is receiving the best possible care.

Our caregivers are professional, compassionate, and committed to providing the quality care our clients deserve. Skills alone do not ensure a place on our team: Integrity is equally important. After completing our interview process, our employees undergo a screening and background check. We then hand select the most qualified staff member for each of our clients specific needs.

Our staff is comprised of Personal Care Workers (P.C.W.), Relative Care Givers (R.C.), Family Caregivers and Host Home Providers.



Apply to be a Host Home

If you are interested in sharing your home with our clients as a host home for Shared Touch, Inc. complete our online application and we will be in touch. Click here.


Apply for Employment

If you are interested in sharing your home with our clients as a host home for Shared Touch, Inc. complete our online application and we will be in touch. Click here.