What Does Home Health Care Do?

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February 6, 2019
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April 9, 2019
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What Does Home Health Care Do?

When you think of home health care, you might relate it to your local senior home health care in Aurora. But home health care is much more than caring for an elderly loved one. Home health care has been used for many years as a means for providing the patient with a comfortable and convenient atmosphere according to their needs. Let’s take a look at the many options you have surrounding home health care.

Caring for Your Health at Home

Home health care is care that’s provided by a registered nurse, physical or occupational therapist or other skilled medical professionals as a part of a plan following hospitalization. At home healthcare services may include wound care, the monitoring of health status, medical testing, injections, medications, and skilled therapy and nursing services. The length of time of these care services will depend on your condition and instruction given by your doctor.

This type of care at home has been proven to help in quicker recovery. Since the patient is in the comfort of their own home, this puts less stress on their mental and physical abilities. The patient knows the layout of their home and are more comfortable and able to traverse back and forth than if they were cared for in a Senior Care Center in Aurora.

The Use of Home Health Care

Because of life’s unpredictability, you or a loved one may be faced with a situation where extra care is needed. This may include rehabilitation after inpatient hospitalization for easier transition to Independence. Perhaps you are seeing your loved one experience an overall decline in normal and daily functional activities. To help regain their independence, therapy and new learning skills are used at home. Even a medication change will prompt at home care. The skilled senior personal care specialist in Aurora will monitor them for side effects and to ensure the new medication is effective.

Home health care can be a great addition to your senior loved one getting back on their feet with the care of a professional, loving team around them when they need.

Are you considering using private duty home care in Aurora? Perhaps you have questions surrounding a recent change with an elderly loved one. When there’s a sudden change in your home with a loved one, you want to be sure you find the right at home health care. Shared Touch is a locally owned and operated home health care agency in Aurora, Colorado. They have been serving the Denver metro area for over 15 years and are passionate about their services. For more information and a tour of the facility, don’t hesitate to contact them today!

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