Five Reasons Why More Families Are Choosing In-Home Senior Care

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Five Reasons Why More Families Are Choosing In-Home Senior Care

why more families are choosing in-home senior care

Very few people tell their children, “When I’m old, put me in a nursing home.” In fact, most people would prefer any other arrangement. When older people reach the age when living alone becomes a concern, many are very reluctant to even leave their homes. 

Depending on medical issues that may arise and other limitations aging brings, living completely alone may not always be an option. Aging in place is the new trend. There are senior care professionals in Colorado that can help make that option work best and several reasons why choosing in-home senior care might be the best choice for your loved one. 

1. Comfort of Your Loved One

Your loved one might have spent decades in their home at this point in their lives. They know where everything is, the idiosyncrasies of the house, all of the neighbors, probably have a routine, and are indeed very comfortable there. In-home senior care providers in Colorado are the most reassuring way to ensure your loved one continues to live in comfort and exactly where they love to be every day for the rest of their lives.  

2. Help During Life’s Busiest Times

Caring for an aging parent or relative can easily become a full time job. And these responsibilities are on top of your day job and daily tasks of everyday life. Professionals who specialize in senior care in Colorado can help ease the burden.

Senior care workers can come into your loved one’s home and help them however they need – with personal care and grooming, with errands or grocery shopping, with light housekeeping or cooking. If the goal is to keep your parent or loved one independent and comfortable, perhaps in-home senior care is an arrangement to consider. 

3. Cost

Nursing home care is very expensive. A private room can set you back more than $8,000 per month. Sharing a room is slightly cheaper but still averages more than $7,000 per month. Elderly people on fixed incomes aren’t always prepared for that financial commitment. Their children and caregivers probably aren’t prepared for those costs either. In-home care can be a much more affordable option and offers personalized, one on one care. 

4. Safety and Security

In-home senior care offers kind, compassionate and trained helpers that come into the home to help care for your relative. In this scenario, you can always keep an eye on the interactions workers have with your loved one, and can ensure the safety and security of the elderly person in your care. In-home care is the most comfortable care option that offers more safety and security for your loved one. 

5. Keeping Your Loved One Involved in Your Life

By keeping your loved one in their home, or living with you, it’s easier to keep them involved in your life. Having them home, or with you, ensures that they remain an active part of the family for as long as possible, a scenario that beats nursing home placement any day. If in-home senior care sounds like the perfect arrangement for your loved one, call Shared Touch today for a consultation.

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