Q MAP Purpose
The medication administration program is established in accordance with Section 25-1.5-301, C.R.S et seq. The medication administration course is designed to teach unlicensed staff to safely administer medications in settings authorized by law. Staff who successfully complete the medication administration course are not certified or licensed in any way, and are not trained or authorized to make any type of judgment, assessment or evaluation of a client. Staff who successfully complete the course are considered Qualified Medication Administration Persons (QMAP). Successful applicants will pass written exam (85%) and a hands-on practical exam (100%).

Course Objectives
- Safe administration of medications according to written physician's orders
- Maintaining proper documentation of the administration of both prescription and nonprescription drugs
- Use of proper techniques when administering medications by the various routes

You will know and demonstrate mastery of the following:
A. Comprehension of important guidelines
B. Use and forms of drugs
C. Medication orders
D. Documentation
E. Medication reminder boxes
F. Steps of procedures
G. Medication errors
H. Medication storage
I. Safely and accurately fill and administer medications to and from medication reminder boxes with oversight from a licensed person or qualified manager

Information for Students - Student Qualification
1. QMAP students must provide proof of age. Minimum age of 18.
2. Students should not work the overnight shift before attending the QMAP class and should not work overnight before testing.
3. Students must read, write and speak English
4. Students should have basic math skills
5. Students must provide a United States issued photo identification at the time of class and/or testing

Study Material & Class Requirements
1. Google q map Colorado
2. Click on the link it will take you to the state web site.
3. Stroll down to Student Resources
a. Watch the medication video
b. Complete the Online Preparatory Course and follow these instructions
c. Bring the certificates of completion to class on the first day
4. Once you have completed the registration form and payment process – you will receive the Student Syllables via e-mail in 1 to 2 business days. If you chose the review option. – PLEASE BRING THE STUDENT SYLLABLES TO CLASS.
5. For dosage calculation practice you can recommend the following website to students: quizlet.com

At the completion of this course, you should be able to demonstrate:
- Proper reading, understanding and transcribing of physician’s orders
- Accurate calculation of drug dosages. Understanding intended effects of medications, and the possible side effects and adverse side effects.
- Knowledge of safe administration of medications via multiple "routes" (ingested, applied, inhaled, inserted) in designated settings using written physician orders according to the "7 rights of administration"
- SAFE administration of medications from Medication Reminder Boxes (MRB)

** Upon successful completion of this course the non-licensed person would have proven thru competency, as determined by a Registered and/or Licensed Nurse – that while administration in an individual’s medication and when appropriate, observation of an individual’s self-administration of medications as a Qualified Medication Administration Person.***

Authorized Settings
1. Assisted living residences.
2. Alternative care facilities.
3. State certified adult day programs.
4. Residential Child Care Facilities
5. Developmentally Disabled (with additional training from PASA) (Notify Instructor)

Registration & Payments
Step 1. Complete Registration Form CLICK HERE
Step 2. Submit payment by PayPal or Cash.me, in the amount of $115.00 (testing only) OR $140.00 (3 hour class review and testing)


Once a payment has been made a refund is not available.

You must receive a 85% or higher in the written test and 100% in practicum exam to pass!

If student fails the competency evaluation or the final exam, they must register again and repeat the entire course.

Student understands that they have 2 weeks (14 days) to complete the course requirements. If you have not completed the review and/or testing within the 14 days, all monies paid will be foerfited, therefore you will need to re-register and pay again. NO EXCEPTIONS!