Every Senior Needs These 4 Things

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October 12, 2018
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December 5, 2018
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Every Senior Needs These 4 Things

Whether you have an elderly parent or grandparent in a home or healthcare at home Aurora, it’s important to keep the excitement and levity in their life. Between 2011 and 2012, depression was 49% higher in nursing homes. Implementing these 4 helping needs can encourage them in a positive and productive manner. Here are just 4 things every seniors can use to better their life, in or out of assisted living.



Everyone wants to socialize. Even those who reflect distance or look as though they want to be alone. Even those in assisted living centers love the company of others. In fact, seniors feel happier in the company of children. And these studies show that older individuals are just what these young children need. Socialization between family, among themselves and even on trips will encourage a happier atmosphere.

Physical Activity

We know the health benefits of exercise, but it actually helps with depression and anxiety. Each day, encourage your loved one to participate in a group walk or program that gets their body working. This will encourage them and get them motivated to interact. Local bingo nights or swimming at the local community centers are an excellent way to encourage physical activity.

Rest, Rest, Rest

Insomnia is common among seniors. Encourage a restful sleep by dimming the lights and creating a peaceful, calm atmosphere for their bedtime. Your senior care in Aurora specialist will help with setting them on a strict schedule if your loved one is in elder care.

Vision and Dental

Cavities are a big risk for seniors and as the years pass, they are at greater risk. Combat this by giving them dental checkups every six months. Cavities and dental teeth-related disease can increase risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes if not checked regularly. If your elderly mom or grandparent is in an elder care service in Aurora they should be ready to offer this service when needed.

When you‘re ready to Find a Care Companion

It’s not easy to find – or approve of- care for your elderly loved one. At home or at a care center, you are entrusting them to take as good of care as you would. Perhaps your elderly loved one needs assisted living care. It’s important to find the right care representative or health care at home Aurora.

Mom or Dad deserve the best care available. And when you can’t offer them the round-the-clock care, we can. Shared Touch is a licensed and skilled team of assisted living caretakers that know how to treat your family like our family. Contact our office and get tour and ask the questions you need to feel secure with our convenient and loving care for your loved one.


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